who we are



Founding Editor
Bob works in customer service so that you don’t have to, but mostly just wastes time looking at the AV Club. He studied writing at SUNY Purchase with a focus in creative nonfiction. His work appears on Quail Bell Magazine, Bibliosmiles, Elite Daily, and Moviepilot. His free nights are spent binge-watching too much television and warring over dominance with his cat. Check out his other work here.



Copy Chief
Dan is a full-time editor of words, part-time writer of words, and is usually thinking about his personal brand. He attended Pratt Institute for Writing, with work appearing in The Fiddleback, Portable, and, like, maybe one other place. He lives in Brooklyn, and wants you to know that he is OK, thank you very much. Check out his site here


sam twardy

Graphic Designer & Layout Editor
Sam works full-time as a graphic designer for a screen-printing company. She received her BA in Studio Art from SUNY Binghamton. Her free time is spent dreaming up new ways to craft baby animals and wondering when it'll be time to grow up and adopt a dog already. See more of her work here.




Adam Raymonda

Producer & Audio Engineer[2/1/16, 11:50 AM] Adam Raymonda (araymonda@spinmedia.com):
Adam is pretty fond of sounds.  He graduated from SUNY Oneonta with a degree in Music Industry and Audio Arts Production.  He is an IT guy by day and records as much media as possible by night.  The remaining few moments are dedicated to making stupid faces.  You can see his work here.


Marlon Co

Event Photographer
Marlon is a professional photographer and graphic designer based in Westchester County, NY. He can be found during lunch hours napping on park benches throughout The New York Botanical Garden where he works. His photos have appeared in publications such as The New York Times, Town & Country, The Gothamist, smithsonian.com, and stevehuffphoto.com. You can find his other work here.



christina manolatos

Event & Design Coordinator
Christina is an artist and writer who enjoys reading aloud to her cat. She is based out of Westchester and does design work in the garment district. While her fiction is focused on the tragedy of the human condition, she generally stays pretty optimistic. Learn more here.