Breadcrumb #193


I wonder sometimes
If the gold and orange behind my eyes
Isn’t your glow
But fireworks of chemicals
Exploding in my brain
I worry that if I’m not careful
I’ll start spewing sunsets
I hope you’ll hold me when every sound becomes a metal edge
And not let me ride the train all night
Just to see the illuminated waves
Lick the shore at dawn
I hope you would stay with me
When each surface becomes a mirror
And when every red slashes and pulses
Through me
Write my words for me
When the only thing I can draw are circles
Endless concentric amber rings
I hope you’ll listen to me talk although I am speaking
A language of burning synapses
That you won’t understand
I want you to tell me
That you’ll  never let me end up back there
Trapped in all that white fluorescence
And screaming sterile tile
But if I can’t stop it
 I know that you will be consumed by the flames
Along with the beaches and roads and everything below
I’ll succumb to the constellations behind my eyelids
And I’ll only see the naked sun
Calling me back to the sky

• • •