Breadcrumb #212


A stolen name sounds
just as beautiful as a new one.
It has a lyric and a rhyme.
A music all its own.
All can be shining bright
like a coat of armor.
But who are you named for?
A queen, a king, a conquering
ancient figure of beauty, wrath?
A painting of an imagined person?
Do not let these musings about
old days make you restless,
let them be your pillow.
Let them usher you into rest
and rouse you in the morning.
This is the universe and, I mean,
what else are you going to do?
Take advice, play the game,
see where the cards may fall.
Are you named for an old
western star or a baseball player?
A starlet or a harlot?
Make the name your own,
let it swell someone else with
pride, and let it echo on someone's
tongue, let them say
What a kind person, strong being,
inspiration to behold, in spite
of whatever the name might have
been.  Have the courage to challenge
connotation with your own
redefinition, bring to life the narrative
you want to form, you dreamed
of forming, that dream you wanted
to find again in a sleepless night.
Find someone you don't know (here
is your homework), say Behold,
then walk away and see what may
come of the brief interaction.
They may think you strange, but
that's all the better.

• • •