Breadcrumb #220


Smooth, when I massage you
with my thumb, I put you
closer to my face and
I smell the earthiness—
my senses ascend. I
prepare to ride the dohl, 
because its heartbeat incites the
Beast between my lips.

I want that fibrous sweetness
Inside your skin—

You are ready.
My teeth are sharp.
My bite will hurt.

Trust, that I mean no harm.
When entrapped in my mouth, 
my pleasure will be your purpose,
You will enjoy it. I know, because
you will express candied juices
in my mouth.

The dohl breaks into a different
One bite, I break your security.

I suck you into my mouth. Eyes closed, 
I squeeze you to keep sucking food. 

(Be grateful I did not slice you. )
I will soothe you afterwards, 
with my lips sucking your flesh
But you must understand, 
that when I discreetly remove
your juicy fibers from the gaps
between my teeth, I will keep eating.

I tear the skin off. I see the long strands
From the upside of your skin, 
upright, ready for me to devour.

And I devour until I see the clean green.
My buds enlightened by your protein.

• • •