Breadcrumb #304


i am not the moon, though you've told me of my lunar beauty
you said i was like a tide, pushing and pulling you back and forth
but perhaps you confused the oceanic assault on the shoreline with
the way our pelvic regions danced away from one another
like the repelling of two magnets

you relegated me to a thing of borrowed beauty
said i could never be luminary on my own
no solitary source of light, too filled with a catastrophic darkness
my dark side more prevalent than my bright

but i am much more.  inside me galaxies explode
you've been there to feel the milky way be birthed inside me
you've been there for shooting stars growing inside as my back arches
i am not some black hole consuming
i am an asteroid expanding, collecting burnt out stars (like you) as i set in an orbit
on the course of destruction

• • •