Breadcrumb #354


Wherever she was, it smelled like death
Is how I felt laying in puddles of pity and regret
Knowing that projection could be strong as death and sweet as love
Knowing something would have to end in our lives before we could exists
Knowing that my mind moves with intentions of compassion with disclosures of collateral damage
Like the waves of the Atlantic sacrificed the jellyfish spawns
So that we could leave the office together to explore the sands
See this patch of space and time?
It carries footprints of us on a journey begun
I stand in the intention space of seeing your face again in this lifetime
As I flow throw spaces of a cocoon cracked knowing my wings will lead me around the city and back to you
My body is an inlet
Align with an akashic and etheric plane
But 13 dreams what does it mean?
You made a confirmation when you told me
Every little thing is going to be amazing
Your advice regarding Full Sail was clutch
"You don't need to be taught, just do the work"
I roll a spliff or two hoping
A yellow door would open in my mind then
Will power and wealth would pour out in abundance
As my soul fights over which gifts to leave at your alter
At a distance I praise you through music and words
Poems and songs are my remedy for the distance and silence endured
As I worship the presence of your divinity religiously
I sit in wonder if you ever sit and think of we
My heart and smile carries the heaviness of the sun
Knowing one day will come
I would go down in history
Chasing dreams yall running from sleep yall
I wish for wet dreams featuring you still
Only one of your thirteen dreams displayed me inside of you
Going from a standing 90 degrees to an intimate 27 degrees
At the edge of the bed at my old place, I woke up saying PANCAKES
I feel a shake from my soul every time I reflecting on hands held, hugs, times and words shared
Oh how I wish I was as simple as a kiss
Then I could ask you to wipe the
Trial of tears and fears off the map of my skin
I reciprocating the favor
Hoping and praying for that pain
That comes from that hymen thing underneath my tongue
From NC, but I never thought I'd be like Cole
Coming to queens and finding the girl of my dreams
Left you messages in the snow, a heart shaped rose quartz wrapped around a key on your door, and pictures I drew. I told you once I was crazy about you these experiences made it true
I still cherish the day you told me there was no Forrest Hill Drive, mother’s day was coming
I still want to make you one too
These words are less
Than a thought
Unless I knock on your door and speak with you
I know everything is worth the risk to share the same time and space again.

• • •    • • •    • • •    • • •

• • •    • • •    • • •