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Hello dearest lunar subscribers!

Only 13 days until the next full moon! Who’s feeling it? That waning crescent certainly has our hackles up – just last week, our new receptionist Susan bit the mailman! He’s having a speedy recovery in the hospital as he considers pressing charges. In the meantime, Susan is on leave. Best of luck, Susan!

It’s been a tough month for us. We lost Dolly after an Animal Control altercation. In addition, Peter is still missing after disappearing into the Blue Ridge Forest. If anyone has seen him or heard from him, please contact our director, or his wife at

On a more positive note, I’d like to welcome new member, Bryan! Bryan is a 33-year-old marketing director living in the Bay Area. He’s extraordinarily excited by this transition and eager to join a pack ASAP. He’s an avid reader and enjoys taking late night hikes…although he’s probably quit that vocation after what happened last time! All jokes aside – Bryan, we’re happy to have you.

Thank you to all who have submitted to this week’s forum. As requested, I’ve gathered your concerns in a list below.

The Moon (33)
Dealing with passive-aggressive alpha males (1)
Talking to your partner about being a werewolf – what time is the right time? (6)
Animal Control (24)
Best way to remove blood stains? (11)
Cats, ugh. (28)
Clothes swap Monday, 4/19 *no torn, ripped, or bloody clothing please* (2)
My pee smells weird – is that normal? (16)
Coming out to my human friends (9)
Single female, mid-20s; looking for lone wolf to spend full moon with (4)
Recommendations: Heavy duty nail file (4)
Work-life-moon balance (8)
Any packs looking for new members? (3)
Females: when your moon cycle coincides with the lunar cycle (14)
Ride-share to Sunday’s community howl (7)
Happy transitioning, friends. AwooooooooOOOOOOOOO!

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