Breadcrumb #459


Patriotism is a man tripping
Over the feet of children completely
Still but too close to the curtain
Separating them from their future.

Patriotism nearly falls off
The stage but grabs the microphone
Stand just in time to save
Himself and the entire country.

Patriotism noticed no words
Printed in the simple program
Saluting anything except frivolities
Thankless of any sacrifice.

Patriotism challenges any parent
Watching their kids’ disembodied
Feet now shift uncertainly
To stay sitting for his anthem.

Patriotism confuses the most
Important lines without feeling
The least bit awkward or wrong
In front of the upright audience.

Patriotism has no regret
When the drapery uncovers
Half the schoolkids stunned
And the others repeating the song.

Patriotism squints at the poor
Excuse for letters too small
Confessing his ballad was meant
To be the opening number.

The audience erects itself
Again enabling the worst
Breed of allegiance with the best
Of intentions.

• • •