Breadcrumb #525


Travelling artist knocked today

Blinking twice I stood in awe
Captivated by my treasured glass
You swaggering up my path, two in tow,
Such exuberance in your presence 

Commanding my attention.

My world of me and me
Became a world of four,
Clapping hands I went from
View to view 

A shy girl behind closed doors
As you took over my playroom floor.
The grass, the stones, the path

Was yours to browse,
While I inside, a prisoner of the day,
You my wonderful distraction
As you grazed and snoozed like me 

But roaming free.

Studying your skin like snow
Against the dying sun,
One eye on the smaller two
As they danced upon their stage,  

I was gloriously entertained within my cage
Glad to have stumbled upon your play.
Riveted I was, watching you.
Do call again. And thank you for today.

• • •