Breadcrumb #8

Daniel Toy

B., ~37 y.o.
Case ID: 6-TT9

<Loc> described as “mountain of blue-green glass” by person of interest B. upon exiting the SomethingShoppe off Singleway 6 on [date last seen] — though, according to Witness III, who stood ~17 feet from the SomethingShoppe exit (the last confirmed individual to have seen B., and who also overheard B.’s aforesaid depiction) noted — later, to be clear — that “grass” could have been misheard as “glass,” making the <Loc> in question a “mountain of blue-green grass” and not a “mountain of blue-green glass” as originally reported. (It should be noted that this small uncertainty on the part of Witness III unfortunately calls into question the validity of the phrase in its entirety.)

     SomethingShoppe shopkeeper Scott, former employee of Best Buy *, reports B. purchasing a brand-new CelPal with in-store activation, which B. then (again, reportedly) used to audio-comm another individual. (It was the tail-end of this CelPal comm, re: possible description of <Loc>, that was overheard by Witness III, who last recalled B. entering her auto and continuing down Singleway 6.)

      A compiled description of B., based on the accounts of Witnesses I, II, & III and SomethingShoppe shopkeeper Scott, is as follows (in subjective and, at times, metaphorical terms): “lean” (WII); “of a copper complexion,” “delicate,” and “salty, like a beach” (WI)**; “more likely to be a customer of Best Buy than SomethingShoppe, if you know what I mean” (SomethingShoppe shopkeeper Scott); “fatigued,” “moved with a reluctant gait, as if, like, just walking for the second time ever, or something… I felt kind of like uncomfortable watching, to be honest” (WIII).

      On [date last seen], WI encountered B. in line at the Chop-‘n’-Go in the city, WI wearing the Team’s standard dress with logo patch on shoulder, B. to his right, smelling vaguely of the sea, compelling him to lean inward, which is when he couldn’t help but notice a particular set of coordinates filling the screen of B.’s old-model ArmPal (which, itself, was odd to see, on account of those not being popular for years), and he (thinking, of course, as always, about the <Loc>) became curious, or paranoid, or suspicious, or some combination of all of those feelings of B., at which point B., he thinks (see: speculative) glimpsed the Team logo on his uniform, because then she hurriedly left her place in line (and if you’ve ever been to that Chop-‘n’-Go you know never to leave your place in line because wow does it take a mighty minute just to get in the door), dropped her ArmPal on the cement, it complete-crashing after falling from her hand (it being a super-old Pal device), and he not wanting to overreact [plus also still wanting his Chop-‘n’-Go because it had been him in line for ~52 minutes, his stomach not stopping noise-making, a definitive sign he (his body) needed said Chop-‘n’-Go], so he watched B. drive onto Singleway 6 from inside the Chop-‘n’-Go before (finally) grabbing his foodstuff and sending a lit- and audio-comm to Team headquarters to be on high alert for an individual resembling B. heading west on Singleway 6, this comm resulting in the testimony of Witness II, who happened to have his AutoPal tuned to pick up all types of alerts (reason unknown) and saw someone fitting B.’s description getting off at Exit 82 “where, y’know, that Somethin’Shoppe just, uh, opened up.”***

      After picking up Witness II’s comm identifying approximate location of B., Witness I stepped into his auto and did the following things in an order he cannot completely, fully, 100% remember on account of high levels of stress and a history of panic attacks: a) exceeded 95 mph on S-6 in pursuit of B.; b) grabbed a handful of Chop-‘n’-Go greens and dropped them into his mouth, three times; c) just in case, tuned the AutoPal from a song by Geese Geese to his alerts station (which was a shame because he’s been really getting into Geese Geese); d) nearly hit another auto trying to merge right to take Exit 82; e) took Exit 82, narrowly.

      He questioned passersby in the area off Exit 82, including, eventually, Witness III, who directed him to the SomethingShoppe where B. exited moments before, thus leading him to SomethingShoppe shopkeeper Scott, a generally unhelpful and unlikable informant. The rest, as dictated way, way above, is just mountains of blue-green something.

The rest, as dictated way, way above, is just mountains of blue-green something.

      And so concludes case 6-TT9, another report in a series of reports re: the <Loc> concluding in “So concludes…” As it wraps up, something to wonder about is: What would it feel like not to always be retaining forever this warehouse of information? Another thing: What if B. had just been on her way to an out-of-town interview for a fancy, stress-free new job (speculative), or to a tropical getaway on an all-inclusive vacation (speculative), or even to elope with a beautiful stranger (speculative), and she needed those coordinates to find her way, so when she accidentally broke her old Pal outside Chop-’n’-Go on her rush to get there, she had to buy a new one, for something everyday, and lovely, and real? But this report, like the hundreds of others that this scribe has composed regarding the <Loc>, will become all that’s definitive, because no room exists in this warehouse-mind for anything else, and there’s no vacancy for finer things, things like copper skin, or Geese Geese songs, or freckles, or senseless, simple speculation.

     At this time, the whereabouts of B. — and the <Loc> — remain unknown.

*Lateral career move calls into question, slightly, the character of SomethingShoppe shopkeeper Scott

**Without breaking RSR (Report Style Regulation shorthand) in the official transcript above by transitioning into a first-person perspective, it should be noted that the first witness to this case on [date last seen], WI (Witness I shorthand), is the scribe of this report and the headmost suspector of B. (see: me)

***At this time, since RSR prohibits editing of any kind, Witness I would like to add something, on account of he forgetting to mention way above (and he regrets not already mentioning this) but in the description given of B. by himself, Witness I, well, he intended to note the pattern of freckles covering a patch of exposed skin on B.’s back due to the cut of the garment being worn. Now, as he writes this report, additional almost-forgotten details (like the lamp-shaped freckle patch) reveal themselves to his conscious mind.

• • •