Breadcrumb #70


short and angry
perhaps not the best
modifiers but appropriate
        hairy would also
        fit (chagrin)
I imagine what kind of leader
I would be — who would follow
a short and angry and hairy
person like me
sometimes my recorded voice
sounds clear and decent
and sometimes there’s too much
        something — accent?
would I be a Narcissus pool
of kindness and wisdom, drawing
others to me
then drowning them without
meaning to?
would I keep the plates
of drama spinning
and constantly send out
the guard to gather half-
and probably believe
the wrong damn half
of everything they bring me?
perhaps I would simply
sit and enjoy the feeling
of a plush throne until
some nice guy came along
and tried to take my head off
it’s meditations like these
that make me happy to be
middle level and unassuming
but that’s also probably
what irritates my flush
red temper

• • •