Breadcrumb #77


You're not supposed to go to the zoo
by yourself — like movies or dinner at a fancy restaurant —
the orangutans will look at you different
Because why would you come here alone
and stand among the school trips, family
outings, and first dates and have no one to talk to
about how similar we all are or explain
that National Geographic article
to in a way that is duly impressive
and says to the person, "I have read National Geographic.
I have not just scanned it for the low-hanging tits
and unmanicured cocks of indigenous peoples. 
I am learned and you should want to fuck me." 
This hulking, orange matriarch is indifferent to your
subscriptions. Her eyes are older and darker than people
you know and she asks, young crawling about her,
what the purpose of you is, without your tribe
in the monkey house on a Sunday afternoon.

• • •