Breadcrumb #67


Virginal white satin corsets
are how you gift-wrap a woman

who wrote herself letters from Plato’s ghost
ending each with, “Only the dead
have seen the end of war.”

She was an unnatural little thing
stepping into the crown like unwrapping
gifts from Zeus—

uncertain of what to expect
but knowing she’d have to accept it anyway

Queendom should not be measured
by the fault in your stars 

The next time they want to run off with
your crown after only ruling for 9 days

rule for 9 more, then for 9 more, 
and then exponentially

Mother does not know best
Keep out of the wedding gown

leave your locks braidless
and when father walks you down the aisle

with the same tenderness as when
he laid eyes on you
for the first time

turn around
and keep Death waiting

• • •