Breadcrumb #404


The large man
on the elevator
makes sure all
the women enter
and exit before him.
He wishes everyone
a blessed day ahead.
The young woman
standing so close  
on the overly crowded
downtown express train
is oblivious
to my reading
what she texts
on her phone.
It is in Chinese –  
privacy is protected.
The lanky Dominican
wags a finger, 
looking out
for his elderly Papi
sitting across the way.
He serves up a smile
as our eyes meet.
At my stop, 
I wish him
a great day.  
This is the circle
of kindness
not publicized,
the soft magic
of the city,
its melting pot
of various peoples,
all going about
their respective business,
but paying forward
good wishes that make
the daily challenges
of the harsh metropolis
that much easier to bear.
You too, my friend,
he answers back.
The doors close behind me,
but the day is just beginning.   

• • •     • • •     • • •