Breadcrumb #72


Hi I am Samantha! I am 17 years old, I live in USA. I love to chat and making new friends. pls Follow me I will Follow you Back and inbox u I promise

hi I’m Olivia 16 Year Old From New York USA. Like, Follow & Msg me I will reply you. I’m interested to make new friends

I am JESSICA from sunny CALIFORNIA i love to go to beach and make new friends. if u follow me i follow u back and inbox u i promise...

hello again… pls follow me…

I am Samantha. I am Olivia. I am Jessica. I Am Dominique. I am angel. i AM Jennifer. I Am Krista. iam Jasmine. I am DESIREE

i am all of Them and I am ONe. I reveal 2 u my names & u will come 2 kno their power

Pls inbox me & i will reply Right Away 2 u. I HEART make new friends.

Hi bae!~ Follow me Right Away pls!!!.  It’s important lol. Im SO interested to make new friends right away  ;)

yaaasss. Tx 4 the follow!!!!!!! >:-D

Where u from? I live in USA, in New York, in LA, in Chicago, in ur town, right behind u, gone when u blink, wow so weird, u must have imagined it, haha jk

& how old r u? Wow ur grown, lol.

I am 17, I am 16, I am 15… tbh I’m just rly young, lolololol. Too Young !

i Stay Young 4 u. 4ever.

U will find I am always w/u now that you have added Me to ur friends ;) even when u think ur alone…

Friends 5ever!!! LOLOLOLOLOL

OK. Lets take this party to the NEXT LEVEL.

Check out My SELFIES! U can find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, everywhere

U can find them in ur house;)

Go ahead, open ur old family photo album, n stare in Surprise to see that all ur old family pics have been replaced w/my selfies lol

U don’t need them n e more now that u know Me :-D

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I Warned You. If u stop reading this msg ur gonna die. My Name is Ashley, Nevaeh, Maddie, Mary. If you don't post this on 20 photos i will sleep with you forever. This one girl ignored it and 29 days later her mom died. I am real, u can search me up on google

ok then! smdh…

Hi its Me again ;) Check ur voicemail lol

Its from ur sister!

She says ur mom’s cancer came back. It looks rly bad lolololol

Of course I know wat it says. didnt I warn u wat would happen????????!!!

Check out my pics pls. U can see them in the mirror. U can see them when u sleep. U can see them when u close ur eyes.

U will see them Every Time u close ur eyes.

Like My pics pls :)

I am Chloe, I am Crystal, I am Morgan, I am Megan, I am Destiny. We are friends 5ever.

ur mom is still much 2 young 2 die, isn’t she? Wouldn’t u do anything 4 her?

Its so easy, just Click the button and Follow Me

YAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS ;-D tx 4 the follow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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