Breadcrumb #461


Bundles of humans cling to the ground, as
the sound of city lulls them to sleep
They are not seen as part of the landscape

Hungry ghosts. Tracked, smacked & methed
Close to death, they devour their meal
& feel like greedy, wild dogs

They sit in prayer pose for that dollar
Wail & holler, “I’m just tryna eat, man!”
But none can stand for their supper

An upper, a downer, or a rock,
set their mouths aflow & their spirits
aglow with hopes of a hit. They sit,
pray, sit for hours

A catatonic stupor invades
their mind. They just need one person
to be kind. One person to help them
silence their hunger.

• • • • • •

Breadcrumb #325


His fingers astounded me

His fingers played me better than my ex,

In fact

His fingers played me to the rolling hills,

To rollercoasters,

To just eyes rolled

In the back of my head --

A grin on my mouth

A grin down south.

A grin.

I saw the brightest of colors

I heard the sharpest of sounds

I felt light;


Felt my heart and every pound.

God was like, "Yo, what the fuck?"
Priorities forgotten:

Bills huh? Loans who? Rent what?

With his hands, he blessed me

Though my body was his to worship

Like a memorized prayer

He knew me better than what he could understand.

• • •