Breadcrumb #475


A maize maze of my own making,
I spend my days trying to decide
what my next day will be spent doing. 

Turn the corner,
it’s another year of wandering.  Turn
the next corner, and it’s a shrug. 

We just don’t know, Nobody
knows.  Where does the world fit now? 

Yes, we see you, they say, while
mispronouncing my every feature. 

There was a time I thought I knew.
At 20, I had all the answers.  The universe
was an easy series of yes/no, and complicated 

issues were reduced to a monochromatic
paint by number.  In the words of Jonah:

Oh, whale.   

Now, I’m just deciding the best
line of fit.  Not for prestige.  I just want
to do good work. 

A finger typing, a mouth speaking,
a lesson learned and teaching.  That’s okay. 

In the words of the 90s prophet:
We do what we do like we know
what we’re doing.

• • •