Breadcrumb #379


He stood knee deep in the pool, uncomfortably. The blue water rippled around him as he kept his body still. The sun was strong though there were a few clouds in the sky. He wished it had been darker.

    Internally he fussed over the twinkles and glints of the sun’s reflection on the water, which he felt and saw bounce off and on him. How one might feel more comfortable making love in the dark than with the lights on, he was ashamed of himself as he stood in this bizarro spotlight.

    He wanted to wade out and feel his stomach quake as the water splashed against it. He wanted to feel his limbs become buoyant as he went deeper. He wanted to submerge himself, to feel the cool heavy envelope him, he wanted to it to cover him like a blanket and hide him.

He wanted to feel his limbs become buoyant as he went deeper.

    He gazed out again across the pool at that white light sprinkled on the surface. He watched the sparkles skip and bounce, and he watched them change to grey and then quickly change to black.

    The black light breathed and mutated. His eyes flittered as the black grew antennae and legs, and crawled; like water droplets on a window migrating toward each other, the black light gathered throughout the water.

    The swarm clustered around him and hovered like a cloud. The mass began to hum and buzz. He stood knee deep in the pool, uncomfortably.

• • •

Breadcrumb #173


So...I'm basically full of bugs.

    It's not as bad as you'd think, really. They tend to keep to themselves, only really showing up due to the occasional hiccup or desire to appear in a cloud-like swarm. It started when I looked at what I thought was a coupon code in my email. I was SUPPOSED to get $50 for Amazon, but instead the coupon code turned out to be some sorta old language and the next thing I know the words had crawled into my head, turned into bugs, and hollowed me from the inside out!

     I won't lie, there's a bit of an adjustment period. The bugs basically just left my eyes, teeth, tongue, and the front part of my brain. Everything else was fair game as far as they were concerned. It's a bit flattering to know that not only did I get picked to be their new home (by a QUEEN no less!), but that I was also incredibly delicious. Still, there were a few days where they had to figure out how to move my legs, manipulate my jaw, harmonize their buzzing into something simulating a human voice. My bones are all gone so they're all just crawling around, busily holding me together and moving about. You'd think there'd be a buzzing but there isn't, only a steady hum - like a white noise machine.!-

So...I’m basically full of bugs

     Excuse me. Anyway there's just a hum, can't imagine how I'd sleep without it. Not that I've really slept since the bugs moved in. Don't really feel the need, just tend to walk around town keeping myself active and picking up snacks. I need snacks, snacks are a requirement now, rather than an indulgence. Snacks are a requirement now. Snacks are a requirement NOW. Ya see if I don't eat then the bugs will get irritated and leave me, and if you think that being a living hive is a change in lifestyle then imagine when you're a discarded skin suit sitting on a floor.!-

     Whoo! Sorry about that, must be dusty in here. That's something I noticed, since the bugs I don't really eat that many big meals just a lot of smaller ones throughout the day. I noticed recently that I eat a lot of sugar which, to be fair, might always have been the case. I also noticed I've been eating a lot more people and I'm, like, 90% sure that's new. while you can...choooo!-

     Dang I am really sorry! Must be having a reaction to something. But yeah, aside from that and constantly feeling Eldritch words burned into my brain, I've never felt better! I mean, I say "I" but I'm not entirely sure what "I" is exactly. Like, have you ever had a thought but you're not sure YOU had it? I'm reasonably certain that's where the Queen is, there's a lot isn't the right word more traffic? Yeah, traffic works. It's a new feeling not being part of a community so much as BEING a community but honestly, it feels great. Everything feels great, partially because the bugs seem to really be working my brain's pleasure center but I'd also like to think it's just me loving life. I mean, the only thing I really crave is to breed. yourself...choooo!-

     Ugh, no not like that, get your mind out of the gutter. I mean the good old fashioned way: sending words into people's brains to bury themselves in their soft tissue! I started sending out coupon codes myself, but last week I ran out of names in my contact list...but of a roadblock there. It's also hard to just say the words to people, they're mostly consonants and they sound weird. A lotta folks run away when they think some crazy person's shouting at them. The important thing though is to reach out! Let people know that joining the hive is a really rich, rewarding life choice with nothing to lose and a million little friends to gain! So if you're feeling lonely and are looking for a positive, life fulfilling change won't you consider joining our mailing list?

• • •