Breadcrumb #374


and everything is so beautiful everything is organized by color and clarity and price and

tantric chocolate. herringbone flags. an ankh-shaped paperweight. hemlock shampoo. an
automaton. jinxes. this hedgehog can do your taxes. marie antoinette's snuffbox. jolly
chimps. don't watch vic morrow's death scene. phantasmagoria. crystal pepsi. the
metaphysics of a bird. a free download.

tell me good baba is there a spell for this i have one shekel one lira one rupee and
bottlecaps and my hair is oh so soft oh please

i am silkworm tender and ziegfeld glowing and stew-worthy everything is making me so
so soft

i am darling electric and tulip fever and floating and gone and everything is so beautiful i
want to cry.

• • •

Breadcrumb #114


“Bravado, young man. That’s what we call someone in your state. Bravado.”
“Why, sir? I was only doing what you told me I should-”
“We only say those things to make you feel better. You know that the truth is, my boy, that no one knows what the truth is.”
“Well sir, you told me it was my duty. To find - a place - to create a change...”
“Well, you can’t.”
“I did.”
“You’d better not.”
“I wouldn’t if I couldn’t.”
“But if you can disobey me and do what I saidn’t you should would you?”
“Sir, I wouldn’t disobey what you say - even if it made any sense.”
“That’s sad. You’re must be one of those solipshits”
“Sir, I genuinely hate you.”
“How can you hate me if you believe I’m not real?”
“You’re wrong.”
“You’re a wiseguy. I don’t like wiseguys. Is the hand on your face real?”
“Sir, I’m a kid. I look up to you. Why are you hitting me?”
“Oh yes, that’s right. Sorry about that. Care for a mint?”
“It would take more than a mint to take that away.”
“How about a percocet?”
“I’ll take two.”
“Make that a double.”
“A lifetime, please.”
“What shall we talk about then?”
“You know - the piano is my favorite instrument. Its range and versatility are unmatched.”
“Mine is the saxophone. It’s got soul. The sax’s melancholy rasp makes me want to cry every time.”
“The moonlight song…”
“A blue note that sings of-
“What of slavery and killing perpetual?”
“And words like ‘victuals’?”
“Ah, that’s grand.”
“A grand? May I have one or two?”
“I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you…”
“Is money that important?”
“No. It’s more important.”
“What about what you said earlier? You know, the other stuff.”
“From what you’re asking me I can tell that you want my money.”
“That’s not even true. Didn’t you say I should want it?”
“I said you should get it. If you want to be happy.”
“What if I’m already happy?”
“How do you know you’re happy?”
“Well sir-”
“I know you are, my child. That’s why I created you. To be happy”
“Well I was the whole time. I just didn’t know it.”
“Don’t you ever feel the need to show it!”
“Never did.”
“They’ll take it from you!”
“They can’t.”
“You’ve lost your peace, my dear old man.”
“You’re wrong.”
“You have.”
“My peace is you.”

• • •