Breadcrumb #374


and everything is so beautiful everything is organized by color and clarity and price and

tantric chocolate. herringbone flags. an ankh-shaped paperweight. hemlock shampoo. an
automaton. jinxes. this hedgehog can do your taxes. marie antoinette's snuffbox. jolly
chimps. don't watch vic morrow's death scene. phantasmagoria. crystal pepsi. the
metaphysics of a bird. a free download.

tell me good baba is there a spell for this i have one shekel one lira one rupee and
bottlecaps and my hair is oh so soft oh please

i am silkworm tender and ziegfeld glowing and stew-worthy everything is making me so
so soft

i am darling electric and tulip fever and floating and gone and everything is so beautiful i
want to cry.

• • •